full name olivia margaret giordano-diaz professional name liv diaz birthdate & age 7/8/83 · 33 hometown kansas city, mo current residence los angeles / manhattan occupation actress relationship status single
biography Olivia Giordano-Diaz was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the youngest of six children to Antonio Diaz, a chiropractor, and Pamela Giordano-Diaz, a schoolteacher. While her older siblings had already begun their eventually-successful lives by the time she was born, Liv always made sure she was the one in the spotlight. Starting early, Liv was happy to be on stage in school plays, as well as writing and acting in her own plays that she had at home. An honor roll student and cheer team captain, Liv was destined to be successful at everything she set her mind to.

At the young age of 14, with the rest of her siblings out of the house, Liv and her parents moved to Los Angeles. She had been cast in bit parts in commercials, Target ads, and other things that kept her in the business, while still leaving more to desire. Her first big break came when a friend from school had quit her job as a voice actor for a cartoon show--the friend insisted that Liv audition for the part. Not realizing how big the series would be, Liv was just excited for a chance to have a paying gig that lasted more than an afternoon. Family Guy quickly took off as a cult sensation, and though Liv's character was drawn frumpy and unpopular, the actress was anything but.

Since that moment, Liv has been able to keep getting acting roles that kept her busy. Over time, she had gotten starring and supporting roles in a handful of successful movies and TV shows--including in 2013 when she was cast as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games franchise. Though she had already been a name in Hollywood, Liv felt that this role would be the one to catapult her into stardom.

Immediately following, Liv was cast as the starring role of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix. With rave reviews for casting, Liv wanted to ensure that she not only lived up to the hype, but make fans proud that she was cast. With Jessica Jones and Family Guy under her belt, she is happy to have two successful media companies (Marvel and FOX) to keep her busy.

media perception Liv is the typical youngest-child personality, wanting everything that life can give her. Though she is used to working for everything she has, it's not uncommon for her to try everything once, take what she can get, and overdo it a bit much. More than her job, she loves partying and being on the social scene--any excuse to get dressed up and have a drink or two (or ten). Unofficially, she is almost always the one that has coke on her, though she makes sure to never be the supplier to anyone--she only shares her stash with people she knows. Often she uses coke to get her through work, when she signs up for more than she can handle, or goes to too many parties in a row.

The media sees her as a partier, but she still somehow flies under the radar. However, she is beginning to be in the spotlight far more often than she used to, and a lot of her faults are slowly becoming harder and harder to hide. It wouldn't be unheard of for her to have a short stint in rehab, or to be arrested for possession.
The Defenders (TV series) (pre-production)2017 ... Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones (TV series) 2015-2017 ... Jessica Jones

Luke Cage (TV series) (rumored)2016 ... Jessica Jones

Family Guy (TV series) 1999-2016 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

Parks and Recreation (TV series) 2009-2015 ... April Ludgate

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 2015 ... Johanna Mason

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Video Game) 2014 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 2014 ... Johanna Mason

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013 ... Johanna Mason

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (Video Game) 2012 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

Friends With Benefits 2011 ... Jamie

Black Swan 2010 ... Lily / The Black Swan

The Cleveland Show (TV Series) 2009 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

27 Dresses 2008 ... Gina the Goth

The Family Guy 100th Episode Celebration (TV Movie) 2007 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

Family Guy (Video Game) 2006 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

Saints Row (Video Game) 2006 ... Tanya (voice)

Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (Video) 2005 ... Meg Griffin (voice)

Pride & Prejudice 2005 ... Lydia Bennet

Mean Girls 2004 ... Janis Ian

Cold Mountain 2003 ... Ferry Girl

family Antonio Diaz, father (69)
Pamela Giordano-Diaz, mother (62)
Kristy Nieves, sister (44)
Nicole Diaz-Martinez, sister (42, twin)
Cristiano Giordano-Diaz, brother (42, twin)
Isabella Giordano-Diaz, sister (39)
Valentina Diaz, sister (38)

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